Open House!!

Welcome to 7th Grade Open House!


Mrs. Stanevich

878-0162 ext. 787

Health Education



Health Curriculum Overview- Grade 7


Mental Health:

                -3 parts (Mental, Social, Physical)

                -Analyzing personal health behaviors

                -Improving Self-Esteem/ setting goals


                -Stress/ Stress Management


Violence and Bullying Prevention:

                -What types of violent acts occur?

                -School violence/ Bullying

                -How to prevent/ avoid violence

                -Violence in society

                -How to get help

                -Recognizing Abuse


 Nutrition and Physical Activity:

                -Eating healthy/ balancing exercise

                -Lifetime activity and nutrition

                -Body Image/ Awareness

                -How media affects teens

                -Improving health behaviors


Alcohol/ Tobacco and other Drugs:

                -Dangers/ side effects

                -Using resistance skills

                -Family/ Relationships

                -Making responsible choices


Reproductive Health:


                -Growth and Development

                -Identifying parts of the body

                -Puberty/ Menstruation

                -Abstinence and STD Prevention





Tests/ Quizzes                         50%

Classwork/ Projects                40%      

Homework                                 10%





  • Students will be expected to come to class prepared with a writing utensil and a Health section in their binder.

– Students should create a section in their Morning Binder (Period 4) or Afternoon Binder (Period 6) designated for Health. This section should always have loose-leaf paper for classwork and notes.


  • It is my goal to assist students with organization when needed.

– Students are expected to bring agenda books to class every day. In an effort to keep binders organized, students will have time to dispose of any handouts they will no longer need throughout the year.


  • There is a large emphasis on student participation, effort, and cooperation in this class.

– Students are graded not only on engagement in class discussion and group work, but also on ability to cooperate and be respectful with peers.


  • I hope to create a safe and comfortable environment where students will be encouraged to share their interests, ideas, thoughts and questions.

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